Kenpo Karate Blue Belt Syllabus Course #4



Blue belt or course 4 will introduced you to long form 1 & Eagle set 1.This course will bring you to a different level of power in the execution of your self-defence techniques forms & sets.

Blue Belt Complete Syllabus:

(1) 24 New Mixed Self Defense Techniques
(2) Long Form (1) Commonly known as a Kata and will teach you how to strike with power
(3) Eagle Set (1) will teach you Multiple Weapons that you can use to protect yourself
(4) Stance Set (1) teaches you how to move with ease and take evasive action as you protect yourself
(5) Freestyle Sparring is a combination of hand kicking and sweeping new Techniques.

Total DVD Time:

DVD Approximate Running Time is 110 Minutes.


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