Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get Started?

The courses are all based on the clock method to simplify the teaching for you. It is advisable to Familiarise yourself with the clock method and star blocking set one. They can be found on course (1) or yellow belt syllabus. (You are now ready to start any course)

Are all courses taught by Grandmaster Maughan?

Yes all courses are taught by Grandmaster Maughan he will demonstrate each technique and then teach you step by step each technique explaining every move with a student that will have you working through the course that you have selected in a short space of time.

How long are the DVD’S?

The times vary they range from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the course.

How long will it take to finish a course?

It depends on the time you are willing to put into your training, I recommend that you practice at least three times a week or more in order to improve your physical and mental condition to enable you to achieve your ultimate goal. (Remember with these online home study courses you can train anytime anywhere in the world.)

What is on the DVD’S?

Checkout Demo DVD’s Clips from my new online home study courses in:

Martial Arts, Self Defence, Advance Kenpo Karate, Martial Arts Weapons, Special Street Combat Training Videos.

Following is a short insight into some of the techniques forms & sets that I will be teaching you, step by step using the clock method to make it easy for you to learn on my new online training courses! Click on link to view .

Can I take a short course that is sufficient to defend myself?

Yes if you are only interested in a short course to keep fit and defend oneself. Start with the “Course No.1” or “yellow belt syllabus”. For more information Click Here for more information regarding the courses…

Can I apply For a Certificate when I finish a course?

Yes, you can apply for a Certificate on completion of a course or courses. For more information click apply for a certificate

What course would you recommend to lose weight?

LWGF60 Program is an excellent way to improve your physique and learn how to protect yourself. “Lose weight, get fit, improve your physique within 60 days” and learn how to defend yourself. To get started you need to select Kicking Set 1 from course 2, Co-Ordination Set 1 from course 3, Eagle Set 1 from course 4, and then select Kicking Set 2 from course 6. Get Started Now With The LWGF60 Program! (Which ever course you select you will lose weight and get fit it is also good to keep a check on your diet)

How do I contact you?

You can email me using contact us page.