Apply For A Certificate

On completion of your course if you wish you can apply for a certificate and a progress report. This can be achieved by recording yourself executing the syllabus with a partner. Firstly at a slow pace, Then a medium pace, and finally as fast as possible.

To Get Started:

The courses are all based on the clock method. It is advisable to Familiarize yourself with the clock method and star blocking set one. They can be found on course (1) or yellow belt syllabus. (You are now ready to start any course)

You need to complete the full syllabus on the course you select for certificate 1.

You can select any segment of any course and receive Certificate 2.

If you are only interested in a short course to defend oneself. Start with the course (1) or yellow belt syllabus.

After completing the yellow belt or course (1) and you would like to improve your kicking technique go to course (2) or the orange belt syllabus. And start-studying kicking set one this set is broken down into 4 sets.

Start with the first set and work with me through it. When you feel comfortable with it continue on through until you finish kick set one.

If you think you need to improve on your co-ordination. Go to course (3) or purple belt Syllabus And start-studying co-ordination set one.

Shout Stop We’re Fighting Back or course 15 you are introduced to special self-defence techniques dealing with everyday attacks. Such as: Prevention, Attempted Rape, Car Jacking, Abduction, Street Mugging, and Withdrawing Money from Cash Dispensing machines and much more. Excellent course for all the Family.

2008 Special Street Combat Survival U.S.A. Course 16 another Excellent courses.

Practice time:

You need to practice at least three times a week in order to improve your physical and mental condition to enable you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Recording For Your Certificate:

Technology today is amazing but it’s up to you to provide this recording to us so we can see your progress through the syllabus.

Because of the different DVD formats and the files size of the DVDs are so big the only way I can accept the DVD is for you to upload it to YouTube and then send the link to me to view it.

You can upload it here and they have an easy to understand user interface that will help you to upload your DVD in an easy step-by-step format.

Once you have uploaded please set the link to There will be an administration fee for the certificate and the progressive report on you, when the fee is paid you will be sent the certificate and progressive report by email or by post.

Apply For Your Certificate:

1) On completion of all individual courses / belts from yellow to black belts, all successful candidates will receive a certificate of merit.

2) Every belt has to be accessed by Master Maughan to ensure you pass the grading regulations. A full progress report will be issued back to you.

3) If grading is successfully completed the certificate will be sent to you by post (worldwide).

4) Grading will be charged at a flat fee of $100 plus postage and packaging of $15. The fee covers the countless hours of reporting required to ensure you receive your grade on merit. Grading is not taken lightly and only issued to those who are fully focused on success.

Thank You.
Grandmaster Maughan