About The Trainer Grandmaster George Alexander Maughan

About The Trainer Grandmaster George Alexander Maughan
  • Released Special Street Combat!  instructional training martial arts dvd’s
  • As Taught on “Martial Arts Today” American TV  martial  arts show.
  • Continually looking to modify techniques to cover real life street encounters.
  • Created this website as a unique online teaching martial arts and self defence academy.
  • Designed to motivate people towards fitness, confidence and physical strength and to provide them with the best self defence training techniques.
  • Awarded the highest rank by WHFSC U.S.A. In American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Martial Arts

What Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez Says About George Maughan

Grandmaster George Alexander Maughan is one of the premiere practitioners of American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Self-Defense in the world today and a member of the illustrious World Head of Family Sokeship Council. He was inducted into our 16th Annual International Martial Arts Hall of Fame held in San Antonio, Texas and also gave a seminar during our gathering there. His seminar was one of the highlights of the event where he demonstrated his speed, precision and power in the art of Kenpo.

As a highly respected member of the WHFSC, Grandmaster Maughan is also featured in the book “The World Head of Family Sokeship Council” which was produced by Rising Sun Productions of California. The book documents the founding of America’s first worldwide Grandmasters council, the WHFSC with Grandmaster Maughan as one of its Original members.

Jackie Chan the great martial artist and film star also features in this book.

Combat Magazine Review:

Grandmaster George A. Maughan. 10th Degree Black Belt in American Advanced Kenpo Karate System.

Kenpo Karate practitioners will, however find plenty to admire. As will all martial artists. The techniques are broken down very precisely with constant oral explanations. The yellow belt DVD, for example, illustrates basic stances. 10 different self defence techniques, short form 1, freestyle techniques, and star blocking set 1. The performance of short form  1 was excellent, and its application demonstrated with a partner was even more fulfilling. Each movement given practical relevance. The same formula is used, to good effect, with the star blocking set, putting the movements into perspective. The full technique is a blur when preformed by Master George A. Maughan, testament to his speed and power.  He has achieved enormous world wide success with his series of DVD’s.