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Know-How Is The Key-Word To Survive In Your Environment Don’t Be The Next Victim Protect Yourself Today! Download The Free Encyclopedia App In Mixed Martial Arts, Special Offers from 99 Cent!

Don’t Be The Next Victim! Learn how to Protect Yourself Now in Your Environment

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Know-how is the key-word to survive in your environment by actions that makes it impossible, or very difficult, for any person to physically attack you! New Mixed Martial Arts Video Full Preview

Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts Free App Encyclopedia All segments of every course are individually divided to make it easy for you to learn.

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To survive when faced with life-threatening situations, you may need to draw on your inner strength to give you the necessary means to deal with the stress and pain which such situations generate.

Defence Against an attack  when  withdrawing money from an ATM

Defence Against an attack when withdrawing money from an ATM

You may never find yourself in this type of situation during your life but the best way to prevent an attack happening to you is to be prepared mentally and physically, and be watchful in your environment. Don’t be the next victim! I would like you to view Course 5 and see for yourself the mixed self defense techniques that will assist you with your everyday life.(1) There are 24 mixed Self Defense Techniques that you can select from to assist you in your everyday needs. 

Mixed Martial Arts Demo Against 8 Guys & Then 5 Guys 

Consisting of such attacks as, a two handed push to the ground from the front, a push from behind to the ground, an over head club attack from your right flank, a right and left punch from your right flank, a side kick, a full Nelson from behind, a double crossover choke from the front, a lapel grab from the front, a side kick from your right flank.  You will also be taught step by step how to break your fall from the front and execute a forward roll if pushed from behind that I hope you enjoy learning.

 (2) Long form two is an excellent Kata, which will teach you how to deal with an individual or a mass attack in your environment with ease. 

On long form 2 you will be taught step by step, on both sides, how to deal with multiple attacks using multiple strikes, simultaneously as you intercept your opponent, or opponents, with fluidity, and agility, using the angles on the clock in conjunction with your peripheral vision, simultaneously observing your surroundings in your environment to protect yourself if the need ever arises.

G.M Then demonstrates all the mixed self defense techniques on long form 2 with some of his students that you will enjoy.

(3) Sticking Hands is a two man set, what are the Benefits for you 

Sticking hands is an excellent exercise to practice with a partner that will heighten your sense of touch and awareness allowing you to redirect your opponent’s force back towards him to your own advantage in close quarter combat and competitions.

Example: your opponent intercepts your right punch – immediately borrow his force and redirect it back towards him which will multiply your force simultaneously as you convert your right punch into a right back knuckle strike to another target, causing devastating results for your opponent.  Of course this type of knowledge is to your own advantage.

(4) Single Nunchaku form 1 Demo knife_attack

Single Nunchaku is no more than two batons connected to a chain or cord used in close, medium and long range combat, and in competitions. And will teach you how to judge speed, distance and improve your fluidity, agility and accuracy when in combat if the need ever arises.

(5) Mixed Freestyle Sparring Techniques 

Freestyle Sparring Mixed Self Defense Techniques – You will be taught, step by step, a combination of foot maneuvers, hand and kicking techniques with multiple strikes that you can use from a stationary position.

You will also be taught how to close the gap between you and your opponent, or opponents, to enable you to deal with any given situation in your environment.

Why should anyone take up Mixed Martial Arts? You may have several reasons such as protecting yourself,  get fit, lose weight, that will give you more confidence in everything life. 

No matter what your reasons are, you will feel good about yourself when you achieve your goal, whichever road you decide to take in life. Special Offer $2.99 Download from iTunes today

Grandmaster Maughan

To be successful in any discipline you need to have an open mind, be yourself, study hard, never give up, always be ready to modify at any given time.

I hope this information will be of some use to you, and wish you well in whatever decision you make.

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