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Self Defense Mixed  Orange Belt or Course 2, on this series you will become more adept and at this stage you will start to gain a degree of confidence in the execution of the mixed self-defense techniques. Full Video Preview

Grandmaster Maughan

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Demo 2

(1) 24 Self Defense Techniques! The name of the first technique is called clutching feathers and is a defense against a hair grab.

On the orange belt syllabus you will be taught 24 Mixed Self Defense techniques! The name of the first technique is called clutching feathers and is a defense against a hair grab.  A short insight into some more of the self defense techniques such as, a lapel grab, a two handed head lock from the front, a full Nelson, a right and left kick, a shoulder grab from your right flank, a bear hug from behind and front, a arm lock from behind, a wrist lock, and many more that you will enjoy practicing.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Kicking set 1 will improve your kicking ability in combat and competition. You can select any segment from the orange belt course to facilitate your needs such as; kicking set 1 to improve your kicking ability, you can choose any self defense techniques from the 24 self defense techniques you may want to learn say a self defense technique against a headlock from the front or side a bear hug from the front or behind, a right or left kick a right or let punch. It is entirely up to you when you download the DVD it yours!

(2)Kicking Set (1) Consisting of 17 kicks some made famous by Bruce Lee.

Kicking Set (1) will have you in excellent shape in no time and if you are into martial arts or self defense it willimprove your kicking ability.  You need to practice several times a week, start at a slow pace to get the feel for kicking set 1 and then start to move the pace up to facilitate yourself.

Consisting of 17 kicks some made famous by Bruce Lee such as a right side kick, the shuffle in roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning heel kick, right step in double roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning hooking kick, step by step each technique will be taught to smooth the progression for you.

(3) Star Blocking Set (1) consists of several blocks that will teach you how to protect yourself in your environment.

If you have studied the yellow belt syllabus you will be familiar with right side of star blocking set 1 now you will be taught the left hand side.  A Short insight into what you will be taught on star blocking set (1) as a beginner. 

Star blocking set (1) consists of several blocks to protect you against all types of attacks!   For example an upward block will protect you against an overhead strike to your head, you will then be taught an inward block, a outward block, an extended outward block, a downward outward block, an inward downward block, a right heel palm push down, followed by a right back elbow strike simultaneously with a left straight corkscrew punch towards 12. 0’clock. (The reverse motions of the blocks will be elbow strikes.)

Double Star Blocking Set; will improve your coordination and accuracy.

You have been taught the right and left hand side of star blocking set 1; this will make it much easier for you to learn the double star blocking set and improve your coordination. Now you will see a huge difference in executing you techniques when you have mastered the star blocking sets.

 If you decide to participate in a master class you will then be taught how to use the double Tonfa in conjunction with the double star blocking set that is adopted by all the major law enforcement agencies around the world. (Reason for teaching you the Tonfa on both sides is to improve your coordination and accuracy.) 

(5) Short Form (1) is a sequence of movements to teach you how to manipulate your opponent or opponents in combat or competition.

 The next part of the orange belt syllabus you will teach is short form (1) on both sides commonly knowing as a Kata, which is no more than a sequence of movements that teaches you how to move with ease simultaneously as you manipulate your opponent or opponents. Executing techniques in conjunction with the clock method to assist you in dealing with difficult situations, such as; how to retreat simultaneously as you intercept a punch or a kick to protect you. 

(6) Freestyle Sparring Techniques on the orange Belt will complement your self defense technique that will improve your ability to protect yourself in Combat and win Competition.

The last part of the syllabus on the orange belt that you will be taught is the freestyle sparring self-defense techniques, which is no more that a combination of hand and kicking techniques used in a stationary position.

You will also be taught how to close the gap between you and your opponent. 

On the yellow belt your were taught one set consisting of 8 techniques, on the orange belt you will be taught 3 sets consisting of 24 self defense techniques that will improve your coordination and fighting ability. 

Freestyle sparring is divided into two categories tournament and street, in tournament you have rules to protect people.  

On the street there are no rules to protect you. Only you can protect yourself when on the street by taking into account your environment to prevent attack happening to you. If you are attack on the street and trained well you should be able take care of the situation.  

To be successful in any subject you need to have an open mind and study under a good teacher who also has an open mind and ready to modify! If you are not sure of any part of the syllabus always ask you teacher.  

Course#2 – Orange Belt Complete Syllabus:
(1) 24 New Mixed Self Defense Techniques
(2) Kicking Set (1) consisting of 17 mixed kicks
(3) Star Blocking Set 1 Taught on Both Sides
(4) Double Star Blocking Set (1)
(5) Short Form (1) Both Sides
(6) Freestyle Sparring is a combination of hand & kicking new Techniques
DVD Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes

 Grandmaster Maughan



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