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Protect Yourself Today! Mentally Prepare yourself while On The Go! Some Suggestion That You May Consider To Facilitate Your Everyday Needs! Free Encyclopedia App Avail of the Special Offers From 99 Cent Download From Itunes Today! Full Video Preview

Self Defense Protect Yourself Today; Some Suggestion That You May Want to Consider! Special Offers from 99 Cent Download from iTunes Today! 

Prepare yourself mentally while on the go, scrolling through your mixed martial arts and self defense free app encyclopedia.

Personal safety Full Video Preview

withdrawing money from a cash dispensing

withdrawing money from a cash dispensing

Why mix and match?

Personal safety is essential for business people or any individual travelling abroad on business or holidays, who is concern about their own personal safety? All courses are individually divided to make it easier for you to learn.

You can scroll through any course with ease – mix and match any segment from any course to facilitate your everyday needs.

At the beginning of every course you will be taught step- by- step how to search your environment systematically.

This type of training will make you more aware of your surroundings, and should help you to prevent an attack happening to you.

You may not have time to complete a full course? But need some information to facilitate your everyday needs? 

(1)If you are a beginner and you decided to study one of the courses; I would suggest that you select – Star Blocking Set One from course 1, it consist of several blocks to help you protect yourself…

Star blocking set (1) consists of several blocks that will protect you against all types of attacks!

 Such as; a baton, a punch, a kick, a knife!  You will be taught step-by-step – For example, an upward block will protect you against an overhead strike to your head…

You will then be taught an inward and outward block that will protect you against anything directed towards your face or body, and then you will be taught a downward block that will protect you against an uppercut and kicks direct towards your groin or body and much more…

The Single Ton-fa Which Is No More That A Baton with A Handle, is an excellent weapon to complement, Star Blocking Set 1. That is adopted by all the major law enforcement agencies around the world.

(2)I would also suggest that you select some mixed self defense techniques from Shout Stop we’re fighting back self defense course. This course will provide you with an excellent insight into some of the extreme attacks that could happen to you in your environment. Video Preview

There is some excellent information on this course, shout stop we’re fighting Back that will help you to keep safe in your environment. Special offer 99 Cent

You Will Be Taught Step- By- Step Self Defense Mixed Techniques Against Everyday Attacks Such As; How to Prevent  attack happening to you, Attempted assault, Car Jacking, Abduction, Street Mugging, Withdrawing Money from an A.T.M And much more.

Excellent course for all the Family DVD Approximate Running Time: 50 Minutes

(3) Special Street Combat Survival Skills; is another excellent course that will improve your self defense skill in your environment. Because of its mixed self defense techniques it could save your life one day. Video Preview

On the special street combat course

you are introduced to a mixture of Special Self Defense Techniques Such as – Kicks, Knife and Gun hold-ups, Headlocks and Chokes. 

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

DVD Approximate Running Time: 40 Minutes Improve Your Kicking Ability and Coordination to complement your techniques(4) Some segments from other Courses that you may be interested in to improve your Mixed Self Defense and Martial Arts skills

Such as: If you need to improve your kicking ability, Select kicking set 1 from course 2.

To improve your coordination, you need to select coordination set 1 from course 3.


These Two exercises; kicking set 1, and coordination set 1 will give you an overall excellent workout, when you master either one of them. Repeat them almost every day – why? Because they are so enjoyable to execute, you will also notice after a few weeks that you are in better shape and really feel good about yourself after achieving your goal! Special Offer $2.99

Ground Techniques

(5)You may need to learn how to break your fall to protect yourself; if a guy successfully pushes you to the floor from the front or you have to execute a forward roll, if you are pushed from behind to the floor.

Go to courses 5 and select, self defense technique no 14 – encounter with danger. A defense against a push from the front to the floor. select no 20, Leap from Danger, a defense against a push from behind. Two excellent self defense techniques for you to learn if you want to learn how to break your fall or execute a forward roll… 

 Mass Attacks

(6) You may need to learn some self defense techniques against mass attacks; in your own time. Go to course 6 to learn self defense techniques against more than one guy. You will be taught step- by- step some excellent techniques on how to defend against mass attacks, gun, knife, baton, locks, and more Special Offers from 99 Cent! Download from iTunes Today!

You can see now that you are starting to accumulate mixed self defense techniques, which will help to protect you against many different types of Street Attacks.

Do You Ever Feel Bored ?

When you are away on business and in your hotel room feeling bored, you could make use of your time by scrolling through your free mixed martial arts app and start to practice some of the mixed self defense techniques to help you to relax and give you relief, from the stress of everyday life…

Remember your personal safety is in your own hands. It is entirely up to you what precautionary measures you decide to take, to keep yourself safe in your environment? 

You can Book a Master class in any course.  Seminars can be arranged anywhere in the world…Click here to book your master class or seminar


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