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Kicking Set 1 & 2 Will Improve Your Kicking Ability in Mixed Martial Arts! Free App Encyclopedia Avail of the Special Offers From 99 Cent! Download From Itunes And Improve Your Kicking Ability Today! View Full Video Preview

Self Defense Kicking Set (1) Consisting of 17 self defense kicks. Free View Full Video Preview

When practicing with a sparring partner, use good control?  Always select difference targets on your opponent striking, low middle and high.  Download free app from itunes today And Avail of the Special Offers From 99 Cent!

If this is your first time to work out on a training bag?

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Never start working-out on a heavy bag you could injury yourself.  Start practicing on a light bag first to get the feel of the bag? And when you feel comfortable working-out on a light bag, then move onto a medium size bag, followed by working-out on a heavy bag.

Kicking set 1 is an excellent exercise to get you into shape and to defend yourself, no matter what sport you decide to participate in; if you are into martial arts this set will improve your kicking ability. 

Excellent exercise for eliminating stress!  Full Video Preview

Consisting of 17 kicks; Such as a right side kick, a shuffle in roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning heel kick, right step in double roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning hooking kick, axe kick and much more, you will be taught step by step each move and will be walking through kicking set 1 in a short space of time.

Kicking 1 Free Manual will complement course 2 on your free app Download from itunes Today.

Click on the link below to download your free manual.


Kicking set 2 Self Defense kicks will improve your kicking ability to a very high standard and will have you physically fit in a short space of time. No matter what sport you participate in…

Kicking Set 2, consisting of; several kicks that you will be taught to you step by step on your right and left side, Such as; Chicken Kicks to the front towards 12 0’ Clock, Chicken Kicks to the rear towards 6 0’ Clock,  right and left side chicken kicks, Front Scoop kicks. Left rear heel scoop kick followed by right hooking kick.

You will then be taught how to execute a treble kick, which is no more than a right snapping groin kick, followed by a right roundhouse kick to your opponent’s body and then a right side heel kick to any available target, and much more… 

Free Kicking Set 2 Manual will complement course 6 on your free app Download from itunes Today

Click on link below to download your free manual


This training will develop a controlled fighting frame –of – mind and complement other activities that you participate in. Download the free app from itunes today

You need to practice several times a week to improve your physical condition and to master kicking set 1, or 2   start at a slow pace to get the feel for kicking set 1 or 2 and then start to move the pace up to facilitate yourself.

Assist you to Lose weight, get fit, in a short space of time, maintain a high level of physical fitness that will improve your physique, will make you feel good about yourself, and give you confidence in all aspects of life.

You can Book a Master class in any course.  Seminars can be arranged anywhere in the world…Click here to book your master class or seminar


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