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You will be taught on the yellow belt complete syllabus  In  Self Defense. (1) Clock Method, (2) Basic Stances, (3) Star Blocking Set(1), (4) 10 Mixed Self Defense Techniques plus some variations, (5) Short Form (1), (6) Freestyle Sparring Techniques, Full Video Preview

Grandmaster Maughan

 (1) The Clock Method will assist  you to search, pinpoint targets, take evasive action and more in your environment 

 You will be introduced to the clock method and taught how to use the numbers on the clock as reference points, to pinpoint and select targets on your opponent or opponents in combat or competitions, using the centre of the clock as your base to manipulate your opponents. You will also be taught step by step with simplicity, on how to execute self defense techniques to your own advantage.

(2) Basic Stances consists of several stances to improve your coordination and to assist with your techniques.

You will be taught some basic stances as a beginner to improve your coordination such as; attention stance horse stance, cat-stance and much more.

(3) Star Blocking Set (1) consists of several blocks that will protect you in your environment.

A Short insight into what you will be taught on star blocking set (1) as a beginner you will be taught.  Star blocking set (1) That consists of several blocks that will protect you against a baton a punch, kick, knife and many more attacks in your environment. 

The upward block  will protect you against an overhead strike to your head, You will then be taught an inward block, a outward block, an extended outward block, a downward outward block, an inward downward block, a right heel palm push down,

Then you will be taught a right back elbow strike simultaneously with a left straight corkscrew punch towards 12. 0’clock. (The reverse motions of the blocks is an elbow strikes.)

If you decide to participate in a master class you will then be taught how to use the Tonfa in conjunction with the star blocking set (1) that is adopted by all the major law enforcement agencies around the world.

(4) 10 Mixed Self Defense Techniques plus some variations.

You will be taught 10 mixed self-defense techniques, against such attacks; as a right punch to your face or body, a two handed attempted push to the ground, a left punch to face or body, a right kick groin or mid-section, a bear hug from behind arms pinned, a side headlock, an over head baton or knife attack, a double lapel grab, a right straight punch to you face or ribcage  , a shoulder grab from behind, and some other variations that will protect you in your environment at home or on holidays.   

 (5) Short Form (1) is a sequence of movements to teach you how to manipulate your opponent or opponents in combat or competition.

The next part of the yellow belt syllabus you will taught is short form (1) commonly knowing as a Kata which is no more than a sequence of movements that teaches you how to move with ease simultaneously as you manipulate your opponent or opponents using techniques and the clock method to assist you in dealing with difficult situations and you will be taught how to retreat as you intercept a punch or kick simultaneously as protect yourself with ease.   Avail of the Special offer’s Today

You will now be introduced to your first mass attack and taught how to defend yourself against several opponents.

(6) Self Defense Mixed Freestyle Sparring Techniques Will Prepare you for Combat and Competition.

(A) On the mixed  freestyle sparring you will introduced to a combination of hand and kicking technique in a stationary position and how to close the gap between you and your opponent in combat and competition with ease.

(B) The next and last part of the yellow belt syllabus that you will be taught is the freestyle sparring techniques; consisting  of four variations on the first technique you will taught how to overcome your opponent in a stationary position, the second technique one will teach you how to close the gap between you and your opponent by shuffling forward which is no more than a push drag, the third technique one will teach you how to execute a front right front crossover and a left step through  toward 12 o’clock, the fourth technique is similar to the third technique after your left foot step through your ar facing 12,o’clock in a left neutral fighting stance, you then right step through toward 12 o’clock to back of your left leg.

(7) Now that you have a good insight into the complete yellow belt syllabus in American advanced Mixed Kenpo Karate and Self Defense. And Avail of the Special Offer’s

 It is now up to you to improve your skills in Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense to do this you need to practice several times a week.

 (9) To be successful in subject  

You need to have an open mind and study under a good teacher and if you are not sure of any part of the syllabus do not hesitate to ask you teacher. (Always Remember Simplicity Is the Key Word)

(10) Yellow Belt Mixed Complete Syllabus.

(1) Clock Method

 (2) Basic Stances

(3) Star Blocking Set (1)

 (4) 10 Mixed Self Defense Techniques plus variations

(5) Short Form (1)

(6) Free Style Mixed Sparring Techniques

(7) DVD Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes

 Grandmaster Maughan




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