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Business People! Personal Safety Should Be Your First Priority! When Travelling Abroad on Business You Can mentally Prepare Yourself while On the Go with This Free App Encyclopedia in Special Combat Skills Survival Skills and Self Defense… (Free Full Video Preview)

Self Defense On-line home study mixed martial arts courses for business people in the hustle and bustle of today’s business world is made easy because of the IPhone Ipad. Download the free app encyclopedia from iTunes today! And Avail of the Special offers from 99 Cent

Business people can mentally prepare themselves while on the go; Safety should be your first priority!  

Business people rarely give themselves sufficient time to consider there own well-being. When on a business trip, either at home or abroad, they are so concerned about the business in hand that their own personal safety is often overlooked, until it is too late. Special Street Combat New Video Preview

Defence Against an attack  on you when  withdrawing money from an ATM

Defence Against an attack on you when withdrawing money from an ATM

We must realize that every big city has its dangerous areas where an individual who doesn’t belong there will stand out as a prime target for an attack.

A stranger is a prime target for any criminal element.

Our online Home study courses were set up to meet the ever increasing demand for training in Mixed Self-Defense and providing security to one’s self and loved ones in today’s hectic business world.

With the increase in business travel in order to promote one’s company, the need for this kind of service is becoming ever more essential. Free Full Video Preview

The emphasis of our online study courses is put squarely on prevention. Prevention can be achieved by planning your journey and being aware of your environment. 

Simple every day gestures can be utilized by you in order to defend against many street attacks.  An individual who has gained the knowledge from one of our mixed-self-defense courses is less likely to freeze when attacked, be more acutely aware of the environment in which they are travelling and be able to recognize any area, where an attack is lightly to occur.

With these online Home Study Courses you will be taught step-by-step how to prevent a personal assault and defend yourself against such attacks as; when withdrawing money from an ATM, Abduction, Car Jacking, Street Mugging, Attempted Rape, Being attacked in your own home and much more…

Our online home study courses teach you how to prevent all the above happening to you by taking into account a few precautionary measures in your environment and providing you with the tools and confidence to better handle yourself in tense situations.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Skills is an excellent course for business people and anyone concerned about their own personal safety. It was filmed in the U.S.A. in front of an audience that consisted of film stars, and a selection of the cream of martial artists from around the world.  Special Offers from 99 Cent Download from iTunes today!

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Appeared on national television & Martial Arts Today in the U.S.A. Teaching excerpts from his new instructional DVD's. I worked in conjunction with the C.I.A. and F.B.I. I set up security for Michael Jackson and Prince to name but a few....