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Evasive Action; how can it protect you in today’s environment! Download the free mixed self defense app today and avail of the special offers from 99 cent…

There at two types of Evasive action 1 avoiding an issue or something unpleasant, e.g. trouble or an attack… An insight into some of the courses

(1) Avoiding an issue Not giving a direct answer to a direct question, usually in order to conceal the truth commonly used by nearly everyone!

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

(2) Evasive action

Avoid something unpleasant, e.g. trouble or an at attack

How does it apply to self defense?

The first technique that you will be though in mixed self defense is how to search your surroundings using the clock method to prevent an attack happening to you.

For you to take evasive action in your environment, you need to familiarise yourself with the Clock method. How can you achieve this? By download the must have free mixed Self Defense Encyclopaedia app from iTunes or Google play store today!

At the beginning of each course you will be teach you step by step how to take evasive action using the clock method to assist you to take advantage and manipulate your opponent or opponent’s in your environment.

Defence Against an attack  when  withdrawing money from an ATM

Defence Against an attack when withdrawing money from an ATM

Such as; when you master the clock method it is easier for you to take evasive action in your environment,  you will be taught how to use the centre of the clock as your base! if you are attacked walking down the street, in your car, in your own home, or on the subway.

You will be taught how to search your environment  to look for Telltale-signs such as; you see a group of guys looking for a potential-victim to mug.

What would you do if you came across a group of guy’s acting-aggressively on the street? If you had some training in the clock method, you would use it to your own advantage by using the numbers on the clock as reference points to take evasive action and exit out of there to safety with as little notice to yourself as possible; it is also used to pinpoint targets on your opponent…  (At the  beginning of every course you will be taught how the clock method  to your own advantage)     

Evasive Action

Subconsciously!   You would take evasive action in your environment for example you are in shopping mall pushing a trolley, how many times do you have to take evasive action to avoid a collision in the mall, so you see you have experience in evasive action, it is part of your everyday life to protect yourself, it is present in your mind without been aware of it.   

The mixed martial arts and self defense training courses are specifically designed to teach you how to prevent an attack, and defend yourself in your environment if the need arises!

And will help you to maintain a high level of physical fitness that will improve your well-being and confidence in all aspects of life. Each course is broken down into easy to follow video tutorials, covering over 600 different mixed martial arts techniques.

We Offer Excellent On-line Home Study Courses in -

Prevention, Mixed Self Defense, Advanced Mixed Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu for Adults & Children, Mixed Martial Arts, Special Street Combat Survival Techniques, Physical Fitness and much more…

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If you are concerned about your own personal safety then this free app is the one for you…

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you success on whichever course you decide to pursue…!




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