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Mixed Martial Arts  Fighting From the Ground A well trained martial artist like a well trained soldier if taken to the ground in unarmed combat will have special ground techniques to take care of the situation with ease. New full video preview

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The only time a soldier will go to ground is if he is shot, to take cover, and to sneak up on the enemy.    From the ground position he will use the clock method to pinpoint targets or to redirect fire to a target.

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A well trained martial –artist   should be able to use the clock method to their own advantage in any given situation, to select targets on your opponent, like a well trained soldier such as; using the centre of the clock as their base and the numbers on the clock as reference points to take evasive action, pinpoint and strike vital target when manipulate your opponent in combat. (1)If For Some Reason You Are Pushed To Ground and You Don’t Know How to Break Your Fall It Can Be Detrimental For You

There are several ways you can be pushed to the ground.  Let’s have a look at some of the most common ways.

If You Are Pushed To Ground From Behind What To Do If It Ever Happens To You.

(1)If you are pushed to ground from behind, you need to know how to execute a forward roll that will bring you back up off the ground onto your feet to face your opponent and take care of the situation.

If you don’t know how to execute a forward roll! And you are pushed to the floor, immediately push both forearms out in front of your face to protect yourself when you hit the floor. This technique will virtually cause no injuries to you. 

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Remember it is the guy or guys that pushed you to ground who are trying to harm you.

If you can’t fight back? Immediately, roll up into a ball like a hedgehog when attacked. Make sure that you cover you head with both hands, placing both hands to back of your head left over right.  At the same time pull both forearms in towards the sides of your face.

This action will help to protect you from serious injuries. Bear in mind that after a few seconds if they think that you are unconscious they may just walk away from you.

(2)If you are pushed to the ground from the front and you don’t know how to break your fall it can be detrimental for you. 

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If it ever happens to you and you don’t know how to break your fall, immediately place both forearms flat out away from your sides and onto ground to stabilize your base as you hit the ground.  Make sure you keep your head off the ground.

If the guy that pushes you to the ground decides to beat you up and you are not going to fight back, you need to cover up.

If you decide to fight back and you are still on the ground as the guy or guys start to attack you, spin on your butt as you kick out at them, with both feet, to give you time to get up off the ground. 

An experienced  martial artist would have some techniques to deal with this type of confrontation such as; a reverse roll  that would bring him back up off the ground onto his feet ready to deal with the situation.

Most disciplines would have some techniques to deal with this type of street altercation and other disciplines like to take the fight to the ground. 

That’s OK if you are only fighting one guy, but try to take on more than one guy, to the ground is almost impossible I am not saying that it could not be accomplished? But you know who’s going to come off worse?

In Competitions You Can Submit By Slapping Your Hand Off The Floor Matt Or Off Your Opponent – On The Street That Option Does Not Exist – There are no Rules. On The Street You Are Fighting For Your Life!

When you decide to start training don’t be surprised if after training for a few weeks you are not as ready as you thought you might be, to protect yourself in the street environment. 

Remember to be successfully, you need to train several times a week to build up controlled fighting frame of mind and good technique to survey in your environment.

Let me ask you a question:  how long would it take for a person to study a course to be successful with that course, even with the basics course?  As you probably already know some people learn faster that others. 

A good teacher should know when to come down to the level of a student, who may need a little more tuition. 

You only have to cast your mind back to when you were in college, some subjects come easier than others. Some subjects would involve a greater deal of effort and research to get a good grasp of the subject.  

Never be afraid to approach your teacher for information on a subject that you are not to sure about.

Bear in mind it is better to have some knowledge than none when it comes to protecting yourself for your own personal safety in your environment.

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