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Weapons In Martial Arts! Free App Single And Double Nunchaku Download the Free App And Avail Of The Special Offer! Course 12 For $2.99 From Itunes Today…

A short Insight into what you will be taught and the benefits for you by learning how to use the single and double nunchaku proficiently!  Download the free app from itunes today   or Google play store And Avail of the Special offer from $2.99

See Demo Below Defense against a Knife Attack Using the Single Nunchaku to defend yourself!


Grandmaster Maughan A nunchaku? It is no more than 2 batons joined by a cord or chain that can be used in short, medium and long range combat or competitions.  Full Video Preview

For Safety Reasons use a training nunchaku at first? until you get the feel for the nunchaku, then move on to the real nunchaku.

On the single nunchaku Kata you will be taught step by step how to use the angles on the clock to manipulate your opponent or opponents when executing your techniques in combat or competitions.

You will be taught how to judge speed, distance and improve your agility, fluidity that will improve your accuracy in combat if the need arises.

Free Android App Encyclopedia! In Mixed Martial Arts Self Defense Kenpo Karate and Special Street Combat Survival Skills Download from Google play store

Nunchaku is an excellent weaponfor combat and to win competitions.

(1) Single Nunchaku Kata!  is made up of several strikes  such as; vertical strikes, diagonal strikes, horizontal strikes, figure eight strikes, that can be executed  in combat if the need arises, against such attacks as;  bear hugs, grabs, chokes, punches, kicks, batons, knifes, Gun, mass attacks and much more.

(2) Double Nunchaku Kata!  On the double nunchaku Kata you will be taught when executing your techniques, how to strike simultaneously; alternate your strikes and how to use the angles on the clock to manipulate your opponent or opponents, when executing your techniques in combat. The double nunchaku is an excellent Kata to win when competing in competitions…

Weapon Demo

On these mixed martial arts training courses you will be taught step by step how to deal with any situations that could occur in your environment proficiently.

The other benefits for you when you master the single or double nunchaku is the motivation it will give to you to improve your skills!

When training with your nunchaku remember to switch into a controlled fighting frame–of–mind so that you can visualize your opponent or opponents when dancing around in a circle using the numbers on the clock as reference points.

Make sure that you are in a relaxed state- of- mind, then switch into an intense training state- of- mind when manipulate your imagery opponents in the circle which is no more that a set of mental pictures produced by the memory or imagination by a stimulus, this will help you to build up a controlled fighting frame.

This type of training will develop a controlled fighting frame –of – mind and complement other activities that you participate in. Download the free app from itunes today

Will Assist you to Lose weight and get fit, in a short space of time, maintain a high level of physical fitness that will improve your physique, will make you feel good about yourself, and give you confidence in all aspects of life.

The nunchaku is a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands! If not taught correctly can cause injures or death. Never misuse your skills to hurt or make anyone afraid.

 Mentally prepare yourself  by learning your techniques from the free self defense app while on the go. You can mix and match any segment of any course to facilitate your everyday needs.


You can Book a Master class in any course.  Seminars can be arranged anywhere in the world…Click here to book your master class or seminar


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