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Freestyle Mixed Sparring Techniques Will Improve Your Combat Skills That Will Facilitate Your Everyday Needs Avail Of The Special Offers From 99 Cent Download From Itunes Today! Free Video Preview…

Self Defense FreeStyle Mixed Sparring  Techniques and Eagle Set 1 Are Two Excellent Exercises that I have selected from Course 4 to improve your combat skills in mixed martial arts and self defense, and other sports that you may participate in. 

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You can mentally learn your techniques from this free self defense app while on the go.

Grandmaster Maughan

Mixed Martial Arts Demo Against 8 Guys & Then 5 Guys

Short Insight; on the first course in mixed martial arts and self defense, you will be introduced to mixed freestyle sparring techniques that continue right through each course, to advance your skills to a very high level! Teaching you step by step how to move with ease, manipulate and to takeout your opponents if the need ever arises. Excellent techniques to help you win tournaments!    Special Offers from 99 Cent Download from iTunes Today!

Freestyle sparring is a combination of foot Maneuvers and hand kicking techniques

I have selected Course 4 for you why because of the mixed freestyle sparring self-defense techniques, which is no more than a combination of foot maneuvers, hand and kicking techniques; a drop-down sweep, used in a stationary position. You will also be taught how to close the gap between you and your opponents in combat and in tournaments!     

You will then be taught step by step how to execute a left and right back spinning sweep, a drop-down left and right back spinning sweep – excellent technique to confuse your opponent in competitions, a skip kick to close the gap and  surprise your opponent, a combination of triple kicks, and much more. 

This type of training will improve your fighting ability, physical fitness and put you at ease.

Mixed Freestyle Sparring is divided into two categories – combat and tournament techniques. In combat there is no such thing as rules.

In tournaments there is a principle set forth to guide behavior or actions, meaning some rules you have to abide by.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Special Street Combat Survival Techniques special offer 99 Cent.

Eagle set (1) consists of multi weapons that you can add to your weapons arsenal.

I selected Eagle Set 1 because of its multi weapons; You will be taught Step by step how to use the weapons with proficiency and how to cover a 360% area on your opponents, which you can add to your weapons arsenal.

Such As; striking your opponent’s with a right or left horizontal half fist, a right or left vertical mid knuckle strike, a front right or left diagonal uppercut, eagle claw strikes, tiger claw strikes, and elbow strikes, hand sword strikes, and much more that will improve your speed and accuracy.

When people asked me to explained to them about Eagle set 1,

I give them this comparison – imagine that you are a gunner in an Apache-chopper.  Look at the amount of fire power you have at your disposal, and if you come under attack you will select the most appropriate weapon to deal with that situation, although you may have to use more than one weapon to survey.

Now view Eagle Set one demonstration on course 4 and you will see why I gave that comparison to Explained Eagle set 1. Special Offers from 99 Cent Download from iTunes Today!

You can prepare yourself mentally by learning your techniques from this free mixed   self defense app while on the go. You can mix and match any segment of any course to facilitate your everyday needs.

The question you need to ask yourself! Did I prepare myself sufficiently to deal with any given situations?

You can Book a Master class in any course.  Seminars can be arranged anywhere in the world…Click here to book your master class or seminar




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