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Combat DVD Review by Paul Clifton Download the Must have App Encyclopaedia from iTunes today Free Video Preview

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Grandmaster Maughan has been featured regularly in the pages of ‘Combat’ and his series of well-know DVD’s.

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Grandmaster Maughan

The biggest advantage of the format is the instant accessibility as presented here long-term readers will be aware of the fact that Maughan’ s system is found on the ‘clock’ method and footwork that underpins the American Advanced Kenpo system is the first chapter of this DVD. Maughan himself is the amiable host, talking and demonstrating the brown belt Full Video Preview
syllabus is an excellent technique library that will be of interest to any martial artists who wants to increase their skills across the various fighting ranges. Here the most important chapters concern the 24 self defense techniques at the heart of the 1st brown belt grading and the freestyle applications that close the programme. The delivery follows a
tried and tested formula of explanation followed by demonstration, followed by repetition broken down into component parts.

These two sections alone will give the viewer plenty of food for thought, but also included are 2
forms a ‘Long form’ and a Sai form both shown in their entirety first and then deconstructed in great detail, accompanied by a flowing commentary from Master Maughan. For students of American Advanced Kenpo Karate this
DVD is obviously an essential purchase, but the disc will also have a wider appeal, one that encompasses the street self defense arena and array of techniques and formidable running time (90mins) will provide real value for

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Combat Review by Paul Clifton

Review From Eva – Madrid, Spain

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

” El curso de Grandmaster Maughan es genial!!
He mejorado mis habilidades aprendiendo a mi ritmo y sin limitación en el
El profesor está disponible siempre para resolver cualquier duda.
Desde que estoy haciendo el curso online, mi confianza ha mejorado y me
siento en forma!!! ”

Eva, Madrid – Spain

Translated Into English:

“Grandmaster Maugham’s course is brilliant. I learn the skills
At my own speed and in my own time.
The teacher is available to help with any problems.
Since I started the on-line course my confidence has improved and I feel
Much fitter too!!…….”

Eva, Madrid – Spain

I have just signed up to this new online home study courses in martial arts

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

knife_attack I have just signed up to this new online home study courses in martial arts & self defense, and found that the selection of courses is excellent. You can select any part of any course that you find suitable to fit in with your time schedule. I could not commit to a regular training programme, but what I do really like about these courses is that you can access them at any time anywhere in the world. I was on holidays with my friends recently and was on the beach and looking for something else to do, than the usual things you do on a beach.

I took out my new iPad and just for fun selected kicking set 2 from course 6 just to fill you in on what the course is about, it teaches you different types of kicks that you can use to defend yourself for example chicken kicks scoop kicks and treble kicks we had a great time practicing on the beach and after a few days the majority of us including our girlfriends had it down quite well.
We found the teaching by Master Maughan easy to follow as he walks you through every move using the clock method to simplify the techniques. On course 6, I found an amazing 24 self defense techniques, a nunchaku kata that Bruce Lee used in his films, and a kung fu kata which I was very impressed with.
I signed up for 3 months to see what the courses were like and was very pleased with the courses and the free manual. However I found the 12 month course more economical if you are thinking of signing up for these courses I would recommend you select the 12 month course.
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California U.S.A

Appeared on national television & Martial Arts Today in the U.S.A. Teaching excerpts from his new instructional DVD's. I worked in conjunction with the C.I.A. and F.B.I. I set up security for Michael Jackson and Prince to name but a few....